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Select Sports Equipment Ltd are proud to be sponsors of The Javelin Club UK, if you are a javelin thrower, coach or just want to know more about javelin visit their website at: www.thejavelinclub.com

OTE and Pacer Javelins are
the choice of the leading

The World Record of 98.48m
was set using an OTE
Competition Tailwind.

Forget the rest chose the

OTE Composite FX  A truly revolutionary javelin.  The Composite FX Javelin combines the qualities of the OTE Tailwind with the vibration dampening qualities of the carbon javelins.  The patent pending design combines a metallic alloy and carbon fibre in  a unique design that puts less strain on the thrower than most popular carbon javelins, yet has many of the enhanced dampening characteristics.  The basic building block was the design used to create the OTE Comp Tailwind.  Therefore the Composite FX is an offspring of a world record holding design and must be thrown to be appreciated.   IAAF Certified.  

GJV1 OTE Composite FX 800gm        

GJV5 OTE Composite FX 600gm        

OTE Xtra  Low moment javelins for optimal flight characteristics.  Manufactured from a special aluminium alloy the Xtra javelins are stiffer and livelier and will feel like they jump out of the throwers hand.  All Xtra Javelins are IAAF Certified

GJV3 OTE Xtra Headwind 800gm      

GJV6 OTE Xtra Headwind 600gm      

GJV7 OTE Xtra Tailwind 600gm         

OTE Comp   The world record javelin, low moment with the lowest vibration of any metal javelin, truly superior flight characteristics.  Designed to handle maximum power through the point for ultimate distance. IAAF Certified or course!!

GJV2 OTE Comp Tailwind 800gm       

Polanik Javelins are made from high strength aerospace aluminium with a steel head and cotton grip.They are available in 400gm, 600gm, 700gm and 800gm and are IAAF approved.

All the advantages of a competition javelin with the exception of being IAAF approved.

JVB1  Javelin Carry Bag Various available all hold up to 5 javelins. 

JVT1  Javelin Transporter Safe solid construction for transporting javelins around your venue.  Manufactured in our own factory                  

Javee javelin trainer.                                         
Available in both 800gm grip size and 600gm.   

Excellent training aid to develop strength,
flexibility, range of motion, static and ballistic
stretching for the javelin event.
Regular use reduces the chance of muscle
and tendon injury.

JJT1 800gm Javee      Price £48.00 Ex VAT
JJT1A 600gm Javee    Price £48.00 Ex VAT

Javelin Balls                                                   
A full range of throwing balls are available

Including the ever popular Nockenball

NKB4  400gm Nockenball      £POA
NKB6  600gm Nockenball      £POA
NKB8  800gm Nockenball      £POA
NKB10 1000gm Nockenball   £POA

The ideal trianing aid, improves technique and strength and is safe to use indoors or out.

Available weights: 300 - 800 grams 

All Items exclude VAT and carriage, contact sales for carriage options and charges